Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beauty at its Finest!!

Beautiful vine on the hike down!!

Janna, Katie and myself :)


Me, and my two special friends, Katie and Georgie

Katie, me, Georgie on our friends roof. Imagine waking up to that view everyday!! I wake up to my neighbour mowing his lawn 5metres away haha

This is where we stopped to admire the view on our hike down (About 1km!!)

The big Jump!!

It took me a good 15 minutes to actually do it!!! I am a definate wuss!!

Kondalilla Falls

Roadtrip to the Waterfalls!!

I cannot tell you all how much your comments mean't to me. I felt so much more inspired by all the beautiful things you have all said. Thank you so so much for making my day!!!

Yesterday I went on a trip with my closet girlfriends and we decided to go somewhere secluded to bond with nature!! We went up the coast to a place called Hunchey and explored the 'Kondalill Falls'. I asked one of the girls who lives out there to describe it for me and she called it 'metropolitan country'. Which was quite a fitting term because from her roof we could see in the furthest distance some high rises in maroochydore. It was the most beautiful day spent exploring waterfalls and tropical rainforests! I felt so rejuivenated and refreshed when I came back. It was exactly what we all needed and I cannot wait to go back again!!

Love Kate :) xoxo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feeling Inspired Again!

I just got back from a great dinner with my very special friend Zoe ( and we had the most amazing indepth conversation about dreams and it made me think alot about what it means to dream. We all have dreams but they dont just happen - we need to chase them and make them happen. Our small talk about dreaming got me inspired to start chasing what I want in life....and I'm not going to give up until I have reached what I aspire for! I miss being a little kid....dreaming about things and having the wildest imagination possible. Now I am at an age where I can keep dreaming....and follow my dreams! :)

I have felt so uninspired the last few weeks and today has helped my inspiration come back!! I have spent the last couple of weeks doing things that really needed to be done and also that I really wanted to do! (which led to me abandoning my blog a bit!) So I renovated my wardrobe - which was scary... and I now feel so refreshed! It is amazing what a good spring clean can do for the mind body and soul! I have also just started my veggie patch which I have wanted to do forever. So now I can make fresh juices in the morning without having to go to Woolies to get all the weird things I juice!!

Spending so much time in my room lately got me really bored with the layout. (I bet your'e all laughing.....) I didn't think it was possible to rearrange my room into a way I had neveer seen before but hey - Its amazing what you came come up with when your mind is empty and your imagination is running wild! So I couldnt resist....I had to add another picture, more so for my sake - I like to look back on my blog and see how things have progressed and changed. I dont have a house to decorate so unfortunately I have to stick to my tiny 3 x 3 haha.

I found some old Linen sheer curtains in the Laundry cupboard that used to be in my house in South Africa and figured they would look beautiful in my room! They are just balancing on top of my blinds - and looks like they are there to stay as the crazy winds have not blown them off balance just yet!!