Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beauty at its Finest!!

Beautiful vine on the hike down!!

Janna, Katie and myself :)


Me, and my two special friends, Katie and Georgie

Katie, me, Georgie on our friends roof. Imagine waking up to that view everyday!! I wake up to my neighbour mowing his lawn 5metres away haha

This is where we stopped to admire the view on our hike down (About 1km!!)


Zoe's Journal said...

Hey gorgeous,
what an inspiring post I would move there tomorrow if I'll have to take me there one day it looks your new blog layout too!! x x

OLIVEAUX said...

Such a beautiful spot especially in this hot weather. Amanda x

Celia said...

You're right, it has to be a dream to wake up every day and take a look at that roof top!
Thanks so much for including my blog into you preffered ones. I am soooooo proud of it!

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